Stage monitor
3-way Tri-amped line array element
3-way line array element
4-channel power amplifier with controlled power supply
Universal monitor
4-channel power amplifier with dsp
3-way Tri-amped line array element
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3-way tri-amped line array element
Touring subwoofer
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ProTone P718S


ProTone P718S is a subwoofer that is suitable for middle size touring and installation sound systems. The Subwoofer is an add-on for the broadband elements of ProTone P701 line array. It may also be used together other ProTone acoustic systems.

Bass reflex enclosure. One long-stroke 18” loudspeaker with neodymium magnetic system is fixed in strengthened cabinet that is made of high quality Siberian birch plywood. The total power of loudspeaker is 1300W AES. The subwoofer can produce rated SPL 128 dB with 97 dB/1W/1M sensitivity.

The cabinet has integrated rigging system that allows both fix, stack and hang. Wheels are mounted on the rear panel. Loudspeakers are well-protected by powder coated perforated steel sheets. Acoustically transparent polymer foam provides protection in harsh weather conditions. The set includes synthetic fabric case.

Speaker component
18" 460мм
Frequency Response, Hz -3dB
Power handling, w(AES)
Sensitivity, db
SPL 1m
Impedance, ohm
2хNeutrik Speakon NL4
2хNeutrik Speakon NL8
Size HxWxD mm
Weight, kg
Prod p718s variant 01
Prod p718s variant 02
Prod p718s variant 03
Prod p718s variant 04
Prod p718s variant 05
Prod p718s variant 06
Frame protone p
Frame protone u