Звуковое концертное оборудование

Системные решения

Protone предлагает полный
набор звукового оборудования
для концертов любого масштаба
3-х полосный три-амп элемент линейного массива
3-х полосный три-амп элемент линейного массива
Сценический монитор
4-х канальный усилитель мощности
Универсальный монитор
4-х канальный усилитель мощности c встроенным DSP процессором
3-х полосный три-амп элемент линейного массива
2-х полосный элемент линейного массива
3-х полосный три-амп элемент линейного массива
Туровый сабвуфер
2-х полосный точечный источник
2-х полосный точечный источник
2-х полосный точечный источник

О нас

ProTone company develops and manufactures professional loudspeakers, power amplifiers and DSP-processors. The company is focused on the highest quality stage sound. It has got extensive experience in designing, manufacturing and installation of professional audio equipment.

This catalog presents new items of ProTone, successfully tested and have received positive feedback from market participants.


1991 — Establishment of EDB ART Co.Ltd. (Experimental design bureau of automatic equipment and radio technology) in Krasnoyarsk. The main focus was on industrial electronic manufacture.

1997 — Start of rental sound stage equipment office. ProTone trademark registration. The main focus was on development and rental service of professional sound stage equipment.

2000 — Purchase of manufacturing area as a company property, investments in machinery equipment, ProTone brand promotional activity.

2006 — Implementation of ISO 9001 quality management system.

2010 — New millstone for the company. Accumulated experience in rental sphere and modernization of manufacturing capability gave the opportunity to grow in development of modern equipment. New product range could be connected in one system though this advantage helps to cope with wide variety of tasks that are connected with sound support.

2013 — Start of DW-type line array systems element manufacturing.

2014 — Start of T-type line array elements and subwoofers manufacturing and getting first feedback.

2015 — Start of P-type acoustic complex system and S-type line array elements manufacturing and testing.

2016 — ProTone complex system equipment sales start.

The company currently has all necessary technical resources for design engineering, prototype testing and production of sound stage equipment.

Available resources:

The main value for ProTone Company is its professional stuff members, team of development engineers. All these people gathered considerable experience and worked out to create own design of stage devices.